Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bits, like shells washed up

Five year old in green swim suit, running: "Mommy! Look, it's a sea shell!"

Teenage girl, with friends: "Och, Och, the sand is hot."

Another teenage girl, to friends: "I guess I'll take off my pants. Oops, that didn't sound right."

Her friend: "If I could get as dark as Ivy, my life would be complete."

Random male to other random male as he stops to check him out: "Hey, don't you go to Blackstones?"

30ish women on cell phone "Push the crazy mixed drinks. I want her to have to make a butt load of Pina Coladas."

Young child running out of the water to her dad: "I'm hungry and I'm cold. I'm going to build a moat."

Woman in bike shorts: "What a glorious day!"

(Overheard at Willard Beach)

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