Sunday, July 29, 2007

Grundy Wooo!

Inebriated twenty-something yelling across the boat: GRUNNNNDYYY!
Grundy: It's like I'm in the Monkees!
Inebriated twenty-something: GRRRRUNNNNDYYY WOOOOOOOOO!
Me: He can't hear you with your shirt on.

(Overheard by Thump on the Peaks Island to Portland Sunday ferry)

Vinny the Brick

Guy on cell: Mr. Wagner, this is Vinny the Brick. I'm very sorry you've been so unlucky at the track. I'll be seeing you later today. (Voice changes to normal, non Vinny-the-Brick voice). I'll be there around seven, you want me to bring red or white?

(overheard by Matthew Myers outside Coffee By Design on India Street)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

strawberry fields/other people

Organic-looking mom: Only pick the really red ones, sweetie. We leave the rest for other people.

(Overheard at Maxwell's fields)