Thursday, August 27, 2020

Not a Kid's Drink

Kid 1: "Have you ever had a Red Bull?"

Kid 2: "What kind of kid do you think I am?!"

Kid 1: "So you haven't had one?"

Kid 2: "No! It's not a kid's drink!"

Kid 1: "You mean it's like alcohol?"

Kid 2: "No! It's an energy drink? But it's not a kid's drink!"

Kid 1: "My friend who's in fifth — going into sixth — grade LEGIT had one."

Kid 2: "YO! What the hell's wrong with him?!"

(Overheard by ZWH and IWH at Pine Point Beach)

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Senior Hours

Older woman, upon seeing the Senior Hours sign outside Trader Joe's: "Senior hours 8am to 9 am?! I ain't getting up at 8am, I'm retired!"