Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm not talking about you

Loud woman: I'm not talking about you, but some people sound kinda snobby. Some people, when they say French words with an English accent, they sound kinda snobby. But that's okay. And anyway, I'm not talking about you.

Hipster guy: Are you thinking of that guy's name? Cause that was just his last name.

Loud woman: His name? Well. Well, it doesn't matter. And I wasn't talking about you. What about people who don't pronounce their own names the way they're supposed to be pronounced?

Overheard at Benkay.


Artemis said...

haha! you forgot to mention it was OBVIOUSLY a first date.

Anonymous said...

i work in an office on a wharf on commercial street. HOLY HELL DO I WANT TO CONTRIBUTE!!!